Time to start

This is the first day of all the days to come. I know that sounds deep. I am not.

I am just trying to get myself out there and this is my first attempt. I kinda figure that one way to start to get connected  in this digital age is to make myself a blog and try to make myself post on it occasionally.

With any luck my sharing of my passions, beliefs and hobbies and stuff will help me in my mission to get out into the world. There must be people that have the same love for working with various woods. My addiction to tools. All tools, not just those used in woodworking. The types of tools that you use in automotive work are addiction in and of themselves.

Not cool in the way that a circular saw or an impulse nailer is, but in the way that fine tools do the job that they were created for. They fit in the hand and the pull that you need to loosen a nut or tighten a coupling has a visceral connection that using a power tool just doesn’t.

Which of course is not to say that the sound and the fit and finish of running a rough board through a thickness planer isn’t a joy all its own.

Anyway, I ramble. If you think that you might like to follow along as I discover this medium and share my thoughts, please do stop back now and again.