Got a thing for stuff

I have been accused of an addiction for stuff. Guilty.

shiny thingsI like nice things and I have a tendency to try to get hold of them even when that is unwise. It is just fortunate that I work in a trade where owning nice things is an asset. And one that offers plenty of excuses for buying those things.

Every day I wander through the world with a tool box full of tools that have a lot of value, and I am also fortunate to live in a part of the country where those tools that I haul around are relatively safe from malfeasance. There have been many times when I have left my tool box unlocked and never have they been troubled. In all my time, including leaving tools unattended in the box of the truck itself and returned the next day to find them still there.

Many is the time that I have wondered what I would do if I lost thousands of dollars of tools in one fell swoop. Would I try to replace them all immediately or would I back up a few years and try to get by with the minimum amount I needed?

I guess we should just assume that is pretty much a joke question. Given my history I would probably opt for replacing them, only with better ones.